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Anatomy of a Plutonic shift: a parable

If you have ever googled "when does Pluto move into Aquarius" and been mightily confused, you’re in good company. The answer is not simple and the meaning in the choreography of this series of astrological movements is difficult to grasp. These days, the whole internet is familiar with the concept Age of Aquarius and it’s astonishing how ubiquitous discussion of Pluto’s movement into Aquarius has become. This is an indication to me that the current Pluto transit is already unlike any other. Even those who don’t consider astrology remotely useful will readily agree that we seem to be at the end of an era, on the cusp of something new that is terrifying in its strangeness and unpredictability. The old ways aren’t working and the new ways have yet to be conceived, at least by us third rock surface dwellers. Some background: when Pluto changes signs, it takes about two years to fully transition into a new sign. Pluto moves back and forth over the cusp (the imaginary dividing line...

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October 28 full moon eclipse: Heads up, eyes open in this zone of acceleration

The world feels like a deeply uncomfortable place, the result of many wills being asserted, pulling and stretching the collective in multiple directions. Mars and Venus conjunct in Scorpio are 6° from the sun, in direct opposition to the moon and Jupiter: a battle of authorities while the rest of us scatter underfoot.

During this epic ox pull, the full, eclipsing moon will conjunct Jupiter at 11° of Taurus and then Uranus at 21° of Taurus, all within 24 hours. This is a time when red storms, whether figuratively emotional or literally hurricanes, swirl faster and bigger as the energy input increases.

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The saga of now

This story doesn’t even start with Earth, or with the chunks of rock that used to be the fifth planet from the sun. It involves treachery, conquest, planetary destruction, genocide, slavery, souls in great pain, souls with great love. It sounds familiar because we can’t seem to stop ourselves from playing out versions of this story over and over again. There are monsters in this story, and figures of great evil who enjoy cultivating the appearance of goodness, justice and benevolence. They wield power not only through violence and oppression, but through the manipulation of empathy. In public, they may seek compromise, but they will never adhere to the terms of any agreement. Their primary goal is to control minds and have others fight, kill and die for them. The ones who have perfected this insidious form of warfare have wreaked havoc across our sector of the galaxy and likely beyond. Homeworlds destroyed, a diaspora of billions, and we are the descendants of both sides. Will the...

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Full moon in Capricorn: Gnomonic Expansion

Tight, tense, locked in, frozen up, on edge. Feels difficult to think long term or gather momentum. Maybe it’s just me. But if you also have natal inner planets in mid to late degrees of cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aries) this full moon is adding weight to the already significant pressure of Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, squaring/opposing the other cardinal signs. There are also squares happening between Uranus in Pisces and Mars/Venus conjunct in Leo. To add insult to injury, Pluto is also squaring the nodes at 0 degrees of Taurus/Scorpio as they prepare to change signs (Aries/Libra) in a week or so. What this illustrates to me is the increasing grinding dissonance between the crumbling built world, conceived and constructed to extract and collect energy, and the real needs and desires of those who inhabit it. Brokenness and failure is all around, so clear and transparent, but we are unable or unwilling to repair, rebuild, rework—perhaps because a significant...

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New moon in Gemini: Think weird thoughts, feel weird feelings, open to the NEW

We’re entering a point in time where the masculine and feminine polarities in ourselves seem reversed. The urge to shape and act is united with the chaotic feminine, who understands destruction is as essential to “making new” as construction. The urge to receive messages and energies from beyond what’s readily available is united with the wise, centred masculine, who understands that all is a grand play of polarity, bobbing and weaving, emerging and fading. We are coming into a revival of the arts of the ancients, but not in a way that returns to all the old ways. Neolithic people were taught the arts of civilization from extraterrestrial/extradimensional friends. And the kind of “civilization” that we require for the peace and happiness and quality development of soul & spirit is quite different than everything we’ve seen so far. But the instructions are with us, implanted and inspired. The Earth is conspiring with us as new lines and nodes of energy awaken in response to the...

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New moon in Taurus: M A C R O C O S M

Today I’m asking about the new moon in Taurus tomorrow, along with the grand fixed cross happening as Mars moves into Leo on May 20—and many scales of magnitude beyond, an exact conjunction of our collective south node with a massive force in the universe known as the Shapley attractor on May 23. I had trouble getting cards to come out of decks despite multiple rounds of shuffling. My Astro deck produced only one card: “Opposition.” This point in time requires a perspective shift akin to the shift between Newtonian and non-Newtonian physics. There at points at which the rules that have always governed the world we know cease to work any longer. There are forces exerted on our planet the effects of which we have no way of measuring or understanding. The Shapley attractor is one such force, pulling thousands of galaxies towards it in a huge cluster and away from an opposing “supervoid” called the dipole repeller. It’s almost like witnessing a cosmic cell division, the implosion /...

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Full moon in Scorpio eclipse on May 5-6, king’s coronation and power shifts

“You are a weak monarch in a dangerous interregnum.” The above quote is from the latest episode of Succession, but it made me think of King Charles. For months I’ve been wondering why the court astrologers would schedule a coronation hours after a lunar eclipse in Scorpio, which will conjunct Charles’s natal sun almost exactly. Steve Judd, a London-based astrologer, has made a few comments about this (see his youtube channel) and confirms that it’s very weird scheduling, pointing to some deeper working. What is that deeper working? I’ve been discussing this with an experienced mystic friend of mine, Chrissy, who lives in the UK. Based on several card readings and numerological examinations and my own opinions, what seems to be happening is a renegotiation of the terms of “kingship”. Charles is his mother’s opposite, astrologically and otherwise, and many astrologers believe that he won’t be long for the throne. What I see in the cards is that the coronation eclipse is a merging of...

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Concerning stellar body movement outside of “time”: Reading for the new moon solar eclipse in Aries

All human activity is driven by measurement of the movement of stellar bodies: time. But outside of the earthly use of calendars and clocks and events and seasons, what is the meaning of the cycles and spirals and aspects and alignments that our luminaries and planets make? That’s what astrology is meant to explore, I think. Instead of the task of figuring out the way to act most advantageously underneath the dancing lights that produce, in a roundabout way, time itself, astrology is a tool for uncovering the metaphysical nature of the universe as demonstrated by its most brilliant creatures: the stars. One of the biggest material myths to overcome on the way to liberation is that humans are strictly subjects to linear time. Yes, the meat suit degrades and requires all sorts of upkeep dependent on external conditions governed by time. But just like the rest of the known universe, we are metaphysical beings that dwell in the timeless realms while tethered to a physical plane of...

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Today’s cards: Reading for the full moon in Libra on April 6

Volatility, power and contradiction—that’s the nature of this full moon. I was born under a Libra full moon in Aries, and the dynamic between these two cardinal signs is very much a power struggle where balance is attempted through violent pendulum swings between self-assertion and enmeshment, individualism and group consciousness. What I see in the cards I pulled today is the spiritual journey framed as personal soul evolution, where the Holy Mountain represents full self-knowledge and any obstacles on the path come from within. “Fortune” or “The Wheel” (tarot card 10) is the ever-revolving, thematically repetitive movement of time that drags us through choice after choice. There’s no getting off of it, not even through death. We may prefer to see it as a mountain to give us a sense of accomplishment at the peaks—but really, there is no achievement or finish, not until far beyond the realms of time and space. This is why grounding, cultivation and stability are so important:...

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Today’s cards: The reclaiming of infrastructure and “work” in service to humanity

I have apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic dreams fairly often. They vary widely in content and feeling, but one aspect that is consistent in my post-apocalyptic dreams is the reclamation of commercial infrastructure for people to live and socialize in. My dreamtime experiences of what happens after the end of civilization as we know it is not a wasteland, but one in which a huge proportion of resources (both physical and non-physical) are freed up for use by regular people living life close to the ground. There are no more jobs that require office buildings or commuting or technical support. There is no more advertising or mass trans-cultural entertainment. There are no more organizational structures that exist only to create and exchange imaginary money. People still work, but labour is vastly simplified and geared towards feeding, clothing, housing and amusing self and family and local community. “Ownership” is redefined—a big clue that the key to any future outside global capitalism...