Today’s cards: Reading for the full moon in Libra on April 6

by | Apr 4, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Expanded reading

Volatility, power and contradiction—that’s the nature of this full moon. I was born under a Libra full moon in Aries, and the dynamic between these two cardinal signs is very much a power struggle where balance is attempted through violent pendulum swings between self-assertion and enmeshment, individualism and group consciousness. What I see in the cards I pulled today is the spiritual journey framed as personal soul evolution, where the Holy Mountain represents full self-knowledge and any obstacles on the path come from within.

“Fortune” or “The Wheel” (tarot card 10) is the ever-revolving, thematically repetitive movement of time that drags us through choice after choice. There’s no getting off of it, not even through death. We may prefer to see it as a mountain to give us a sense of accomplishment at the peaks—but really, there is no achievement or finish, not until far beyond the realms of time and space. This is why grounding, cultivation and stability are so important: those with core muscles developed with consistent practice can not only walk the balance beam, they can remain sure-footed even when the beam rocks and bends and twists.

To know thyself is to understand how we create the interference that becomes internal conflict, unmet expectations and muddy perspective. There is no right or wrong way to live, there are only choices and lessons. The “Luminous Warrior” is the part of you that goes ahead with the torch, illuminating the way like the full moon. But seeing EVERYTHING is a lot to handle, especially if the world at this current turn of the wheel is a place that you hate.

Traditionally, Arian energy is pugilistic, and Libran energy is judgemental. They both assume an adversary (which is literally what the word “Satan” means). But if “the adversary” is simply a side of oneself, traditional warfare or jurisprudence results in a stalemate at best, or self-execution at worst. This is the “interference” of the 8 of Swords. But if we go beyond traditional archetypes, Aries becomes a hermaphroditic Mother/Father, its fire like the warmth of the sun or a deep-sea magma vent, preparing the environment for life itself. It is the one who plants the garden. Libra becomes the sign of “promiscuous agriculture”, lord of the ecosystem, where all species dance together in an interdependent, self-sustaining system.

Advice for this full moon: Don’t lash out. Blades are sharp right now, and you’re likely to do damage to self or other. Instead, feed the green. It doesn’t need to be plants. But whatever it is that you’re cultivating, pump your excess energy there. If you’re feeling explosive, go somewhere the full power of nature is on display, like the ocean on a windy day. Waves beating on rocks is something I find intensely therapeutic. Take time to look inward. But don’t go criticizing or congratulating. Just have a gander at the lay of the land of your soul, appreciating the dynamics on display, as if observing the wind acting on the landscape. Destruction is not inherently negative and birth/growth is not inherently positive. It’s all just a turn of the wheel.

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