Full moon in Capricorn: Gnomonic Expansion

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Expanded reading

Tight, tense, locked in, frozen up, on edge. Feels difficult to think long term or gather momentum. Maybe it’s just me. But if you also have natal inner planets in mid to late degrees of cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aries) this full moon is adding weight to the already significant pressure of Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, squaring/opposing the other cardinal signs. There are also squares happening between Uranus in Pisces and Mars/Venus conjunct in Leo. To add insult to injury, Pluto is also squaring the nodes at 0 degrees of Taurus/Scorpio as they prepare to change signs (Aries/Libra) in a week or so.

What this illustrates to me is the increasing grinding dissonance between the crumbling built world, conceived and constructed to extract and collect energy, and the real needs and desires of those who inhabit it. Brokenness and failure is all around, so clear and transparent, but we are unable or unwilling to repair, rebuild, rework—perhaps because a significant percentage of us still buy into the fantasy that achieving  “happiness” is the goal of the one life we have to live on Earth.

I think we, collectively, are headed for shock after shock in the next few months/years. This is the only cure for our deep obsession with the material world: existential fractures that lead us to the brink of annihilation. So my question for the cards this full moon is: How do we prepare for the repeated systemic shocks that are coming our way?

The first card out is from a new sacred geometry deck: “Gnomonic Expansion (20)”. The design on the card literally looks like ascending shockwaves, and the term is one that describes a geometrical method for expanding a shape while keeping proportions identical. Picture a nautilus shell or a sunflower, expanding in a spiral so that the old form is contained in the new. Spiritually, this is a callback to the last new moon’s theme of entertaining wild ideas: we must willingly expand in mind or risk confusion (or perhaps even psychosis) when new and shocking developments unfold on Earth.

Two major concepts are up on the chopping board at this period in time:

  1. That humans represent the only intelligent, technologically developed life on this planet or in this solar system.
  2. That we have one life on Earth and we should spend it finding happiness.

The Queen of Swords has a very Uranus in Pisces feel in this context: she is in the watery source of dreams and fantasy, ready to dissolve them back into nothingness. Prepare for her sword of clarity to cut through collective and individual delusions, leaving us gutted and depressed unless we are already expanding gnomonically into new and different ideas of who/what/why we are.

From the Arthurian deck, the two of swords and six of stones show the journey for the second half of the year: a path that we can tread towards astounding truth and revelation, if we are ready to cut the cords of self-delusion and the fantasy that someone is coming to save us. At the end of this path lies a Winter Solstice fire (the light of the central Sun) and a gathering of ancient wisdom keepers (the extraterrestrial parents of humanity), who are waiting to meet us as equals.

Earth is a school for soul evolution that we spend many lifetimes cycling through, learning lessons and changing in physical and metaphysical ways. If you can consciously participate in this process, despite the deadening pull of the fantasy world we’ve built for ourselves, the process becomes ever more effective. And at certain points along the upward spiral of light, there are significant thresholds and gateways where expansion entails a total change of state, like water turning to steam or ice.

Our evolved, high density extraterrestrial friends want nothing more than to commune with us as brothers and sisters. They will never force it upon us. But other forces—war, planetary changes, greed/economics, the will of powerful controllers of men—will certainly continue to push us to breaking point, which is leading to a paradigm shift that changes absolutely everything. Breaking into a larger space you’ve already prepared for yourself, by clearing out old stories and fantasies, is the only possible way through.

(Decks: Sacred Geometry Oracle by John Michael Greer, Crowley Thoth tarot, Arthurian tarot by Caitlin & John Matthews, Gateway of Light Activation Oracle by Kyle Gray)

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