New moon in Taurus: M A C R O C O S M

by | May 18, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Expanded reading

Today I’m asking about the new moon in Taurus tomorrow, along with the grand fixed cross happening as Mars moves into Leo on May 20—and many scales of magnitude beyond, an exact conjunction of our collective south node with a massive force in the universe known as the Shapley attractor on May 23.

I had trouble getting cards to come out of decks despite multiple rounds of shuffling. My Astro deck produced only one card: “Opposition.” This point in time requires a perspective shift akin to the shift between Newtonian and non-Newtonian physics. There at points at which the rules that have always governed the world we know cease to work any longer. There are forces exerted on our planet the effects of which we have no way of measuring or understanding.

The Shapley attractor is one such force, pulling thousands of galaxies towards it in a huge cluster and away from an opposing “supervoid” called the dipole repeller. It’s almost like witnessing a cosmic cell division, the implosion / separation that produces life. Maybe this is still the first breath of creation, a single burst of life that lasts for a universal moment and then collapses back into nothingness.

Of course, the first card out of the Thoth deck is Art, the alchemical play of ‘solve et coagula’, dissolve and reform, the only act there is. While we go on with our itty bitty lives, an orchestra of movement is happening. Yet another reminder that humanity needs to ready itself to join a much larger world on the galactic scale, interacting with many other life forms that differ dramatically from us, and get over our own petty shit. There is a real, divine hierarchy in the wider world of What Is, and it operates like liquid of different densities settling in a measuring cup: in conditions where deception is impossible, everyone simply gravitates to where they belong.

The two cards from the Mystical Healing deck clearly indicate that this is a time of higher guidance of the purest quality. Seekers are advised to go to a quiet place and/or separate themselves from routine, and to bring their heart’s desire into focus and definition. Your natural senses and rational mind will be of no help if you don’t already trust and follow the thrust of motion that wells from within.

And then came this brilliant white lion from the White Light deck: a union of heart and crown, the recognition from on high of a true king, the embodiment of holy leadership—which I daresay none of us living on this earth has ever seen. This is the highest aspect of Mars in Leo: power properly appointed. This can only happen in the individual if the ceiling is off the soul, so to speak, when the lower chakras are unblocked, the higher are attuned, the heart is activated and the united love/wisdom of the higher self comes pouring through the body into the material world.

There’s so much going on here that is too difficult to unpack and put into words yet. Feels like the approach of a homecoming of sorts. I’ll explore this more later.

(Decks: Starcodes Astro, Thoth tarot, Mystical Healing, White Light)

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