Evocative design

 is not just for big brands with big $$$


Be who you are and do what you want to do, across all platforms, without compromising your values and identity.

 If you’re bringing a new brand, organization or project into being, I can help you with the transformation.

My name is Christel LeBlanc and I’m an interdisciplinary designer, artist and teacher. I work on projects that have both physical and ephemeral outcomes—graphics, identity and branding, websites and apps, interface/UX design. My process is iterative and flexible, meshing fine arts with new technology and unusual inspiration. I teach on a sessional basis at NSCAD University in the Division of Design, and give workshops on design technology.

The LeBlancs in my family came to Acadia/Mi’kma’ki 400 years ago and I’ve lived in Halifax/K’jipuktuk, Nova Scotia almost all my life. These days I nest in the north end with my husband Greg and three rad, bad cats. I spend winter working and making things and devote the summer to camping, relaxing and exploring with friends.

I’m also a psychonaut and an adventurer into the deep mysteries of consciousness, metaphysics and spirituality. A Forest Friend is an ally of all those who truly seek to know What Is.


Forest Friend Creative Projects began as an experiment after I finished my Master of Design degree at NSCAD University in 2010, and became my full time job in 2013.

Since then, I’ve worked with lots of artists, musicians, designers, universities, non-profits and businesses in Canada and the US, providing graphic, print, web and interactive design for projects that range from branding and logos to apps and websites, to books and exhibitions. SEE MY WORK →

What’s a forest friend?

A forest friend is a genderless, adolescent trickster spirit, mentioned since antiquity in stories and songs of rural coastal peoples on the Atlantic seaboard of North America.

According to legend, forest friends live alone in burrows called “hoards”, where they collect magical objects, and will roam hundreds of square kilometres of woods. They are highly influenced by the moon and some tales allege that they are able to turn invisible at will.

Usually, sighting a forest friend is good luck and may indicate that you have reached a point of focus amidst chaos. The forest friend is associated with a clash of opposing forces (fire/water) and with blithe neutrality, represented by the Fool in tarot arcana.