October 28 full moon eclipse: Heads up, eyes open in this zone of acceleration

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Expanded reading

Outside world

The world feels like a deeply uncomfortable place, the result of many wills being asserted, pulling and stretching the collective in multiple directions. Mars and Venus conjunct in Scorpio are 6° from the sun, in direct opposition to the moon and Jupiter: a battle of authorities while the rest of us scatter underfoot.

During this epic ox pull, the full, eclipsing moon will conjunct Jupiter at 11° of Taurus and then Uranus at 21° of Taurus, all within 24 hours. This is a time when red storms, whether figurative emotional storms or literal hurricanes, swirl faster and bigger as the energy input increases.

It looks like families and communities are falling apart, being divided or splintered. But it could be, more broadly, that people are re-sorting themselves, re-prioritizing their lives, causing certain structures to falter and collapse.

The second half of the eclipse, as the moon moves conjunct Uranus, you may find yourself feeling unreal, dissociated, dreamlike. Call it lunar phase-shifting—perceiving multiple realities at once, experiencing metaphorical death/rebirth transition, feeling caught up the spiralling stream that runs through and beyond the quotidian life. Outside and inside, collective and personal bleed together and the veil is very thin.

Inside world

There seems to be quite literally a tripling of feminine power within this eclipse:

  • Moon/Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus as Maiden, fertile and bursting with life
  • Mars/Venus/Sun in Scorpio as Mother, the aggressive protector, the warrior queen
  • Saturn at 0° of Pisces opposite Lilith in Virgo as Crone, the chthonic, unblinking gaze of Higher Reality

This intense fecundity of energy means that much progress can be made in little time. This is a zone of acceleration.

I keep seeing repeating symbols of the three in the one, the multiple and the unified: A trining of forces under will, tripling and magnifying of the work put in. This is reflected in growing “mainstream” awareness of the ethereal / subtle bodies, the reality of metaphysics and communication possibilities with higher beings.

If our eyeballs had radio-xray vision, maybe we would be able to see the surging spirals of energy flooding into the heliosphere. This surge is influenced by increasing solar wind, and has the energetic quality of a clear and open crown chakra. This is violet flame energy, the tune that the earth is singing as her torus field pulses faster and faster. The goal for us is the elevation of mind into the highest form, where we can commune with an expression of life much more harmonious than the one we live in most of the time.


You may feel nostalgic for a place you’ve never been or people you’ve never met. Perhaps you carry a memory of home in your DNA, like a secret message left for you if only you could decode it.

I want to say that perhaps our bodies are meant to decode these chains of information like hidden activation orders. Once recognized by the body, the messages can filter up into the emotions and subconscious, all the way up to the conscious mind and then the activated, ‘buddhi’ mind in contact with higher self.

Embracing the truth of what you are, in full conscious, with full devotion of your will, is not necessarily going to make your life better. It will not make people like you, or make you more money. In fact, you maybe treated like a freak or a mutant or someone who belongs on the fringes of society, and that may not be entirely wrong. But perhaps this is all by design.


If your inward gaze has been directed towards the stars, consider this:

Perhaps you’re “fighting battles” that you’ve fought many times before, and this is to be the final round. Perhaps it’s because you have the capacity now to learn a lesson that has escaped you before, in all the lives you’ve lived. Use this eclipse to be in the tension, the emotion, the buffeting waves, and not be effaced. Be still. See through. If you feel you can’t bear it, look to your star families/friends for reassurance… if you can just trust that they are indeed supporting you. At each new doorway they are flanked, observing your entry with love.

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