Full moon in Scorpio eclipse on May 5-6, king’s coronation and power shifts

by | May 4, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Expanded reading

“You are a weak monarch in a dangerous interregnum.”

The above quote is from the latest episode of Succession, but it made me think of King Charles. For months I’ve been wondering why the court astrologers would schedule a coronation hours after a lunar eclipse in Scorpio, which will conjunct Charles’s natal sun almost exactly. Steve Judd, a London-based astrologer, has made a few comments about this (see his youtube channel) and confirms that it’s very weird scheduling, pointing to some deeper working.

What is that deeper working? I’ve been discussing this with an experienced mystic friend of mine, Chrissy, who lives in the UK. Based on several card readings and numerological examinations and my own opinions, what seems to be happening is a renegotiation of the terms of “kingship”. Charles is his mother’s opposite, astrologically and otherwise, and many astrologers believe that he won’t be long for the throne. What I see in the cards is that the coronation eclipse is a merging of power between the monarchy and another force.

If the other force is the mysterious financial corporate entity known as the City of London, there would effectively be no more monarchy in England since “monarchy” literally means “to rule alone.” It’s possible that an invisible board of governors are being made equal partners in the British Empire. And considering the eclipse shadow will cover, quite precisely, the Americas North and South as well as the UK, it may mean that the colonial financiers of London will be pulling out of Europe (due to instability) and more deeply into the American economies.

From the two tarot decks, the nine of swords appeared twice—this card indicates much anxiety about the future. Combined with the nine of wands, we may be seeing a picture of a king with a quick turnover due to stress and turmoil too much for a man in his mid-70s. It may be that Charles’s reign will be about setting up his son William for a longer reign, and perhaps that is the meaning of the duality/partnership/renegotiation of the throne. Libran themes of judgement or adjustment and sharing power. The Two Urns from the Egyptian deck also speaks to a process of equalization, balancing.

The Scorpio-Taurus axis is, fundamentally, about Venus and Mars, the feminine and masculine as forces of creation: the Matrix (that which can be acted upon) and the Potentiator (that which can act upon). So there is something here about realizing or building that which is deeply felt and desired, perhaps in a way we haven’t seen yet in this age of the earth. Cards from the Wisdom deck indicate that even when a process seems banal, traditional, formulaic or archaic, it may result in new and unexpected outcomes. Certainly this Scorpio eclipse is rooted in a deeply feminine, pagan, earthy, sensual place, which seems hardly fitting for the coronation of a king. But maybe that’s exactly what’s necessary right now.

Personally, I’m feeling like this full moon and eclipse are bringing me a shift in consciousness that is about transcending moral judgements/prejudices and allowing much more space for the unexpected to emerge from conditions that seem too staid or conformist. Striving for positive change can create a profusion of negative results, and vice versa. The point is to learn to appreciate nuance, be appropriately discriminating, and to be deeply aligned with your own nature and purpose, even if it clashes with the world around you.

(Decks: Egyptian tarot, Thoth tarot, Wisdom of the Oracle)

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