New moon in Gemini: Think weird thoughts, feel weird feelings, open to the NEW

by | Jun 12, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Expanded reading

We’re entering a point in time where the masculine and feminine polarities in ourselves seem reversed. The urge to shape and act is united with the chaotic feminine, who understands destruction is as essential to “making new” as construction. The urge to receive messages and energies from beyond what’s readily available is united with the wise, centred masculine, who understands that all is a grand play of polarity, bobbing and weaving, emerging and fading.

We are coming into a revival of the arts of the ancients, but not in a way that returns to all the old ways. Neolithic people were taught the arts of civilization from extraterrestrial/extradimensional friends. And the kind of “civilization” that we require for the peace and happiness and quality development of soul & spirit is quite different than everything we’ve seen so far. But the instructions are with us, implanted and inspired.

The Earth is conspiring with us as new lines and nodes of energy awaken in response to the movement of our solar system and galaxy into new spaces in the universe and new (denser) qualities of light. There is treasure/wisdom hidden within the land, buried in order to survive the degeneration of war and state control—treasures that are only accessible to those of higher levels of development, who no longer strive for power for themselves.

This “Geminiac” process is a spiral movement through Mind up to Spirit. That is, our minds are key to connecting the metaphysical/ethereal with the physical/material—but only if we can wrench our minds out of lock-step with what I’d call “sanctioned ideas”. Staying safe within the bounds of institutional approval, where all strange ideas are banished to the realm of fiction and fairytales, leads to deadening of the imagination. And imagination, contrary to what parents might tell children, isn’t just making things up: all ideas, everything you can possibly imagine, are true in some way, and the lies are in the details.

This is where Art comes in. Art is alchemy, the working with ideas that don’t seem to go together, that don’t belong to “reality”, that are too strange or disturbing or delightfully impossible but yet we bring them into being through our own unique ingenuity. This is the kind of unfettered creativity where we find concepts suited to a new reality. But of equal importance here is Virtue, the pure intention behind the work. White magic is fuelled by impersonal desire, restrained by discernment, in participation with natural energies (from the earth, sun, planets, galaxy). White magic turns grey as soon as personal desires for gain and control enter in, or when a sense of altruism turns forced, or when running against the natural patterns of the universe.

We have a big, powerful opportunity for choice with this new moon. We can decide to let go of what’s “reasonable”, “sane”, “factual”, “allowed”, and dive headfirst into a convergence of streams of worlds/dimensions/timelines/realities and play there for a while, even if we don’t fully understand or believe. It takes the risk of going off course via deception and twisting of truth until we understand the balance that needs to be struck.

And if you’re comfortable wading into the surging stream of What Is, the choice morphs into one of polarity and intention: do you want power for yourself, to manipulate people and the world into an environment that suits you alone? Or are you strong enough to be a channel, a condenser, for a convergence of powerful forces that can attune you to a fuller, more accurate, more expansive vision? Are you willing to see darkness as well as light, to reckon with horror and fear and shame, and move through it?

The antidote to “too much mind” (confusion, busyness, panic) is the stillness of the heart. That’s the wisdom our galactic friends are imparting to us for this new moon. There’s no getting rid of the ambient chaos and deception fuelled by a proliferation of conflicting messages in the 3D world. But intimacy with yourself and your beloved(s) in an atmosphere of deep trust is good practice to recognize and dwell in the feel of a potential positive future beyond the veiling of 3D. As the veil gets thinner, we need to practice opening to the staggering, incapacitating vibrations of higher, advanced bodies of light (like our sun and our galactic centre) that are streaming in at greater and greater intensity.

The heart centre is a portal that is part of the activation of your self beyond the meat world. We call this the Merkaba or chariot of light, and it’s more a condition than an object. In 2D it’s represented as a hexagram like the star of David, and in 3D it’s a double tetrahedron, one pointed up and one pointed down, each spinning in an opposite direction. Fully activated, it represents the capacity of movement of one’s “light body” (the spirit/energetic self that exists with and beyond the physical body). Even thinking about this star-shaped form, spinning and moving, helps to activate it—a good example of the mind being the connector to spirit.

So this new moon is an excellent time to entertain any ideas that scare you, or that excite you, or that you haven’t dared to explore too deeply for fear they might crack something open. Crack open. Jump into the deep end. Play with the weirdest, most outré concepts that appeal to you. So much awaits.

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