The saga of now

by | Oct 11, 2023 | Clarity Readings

This story doesn’t even start with Earth, or with the chunks of rock that used to be the fifth planet from the sun. It involves treachery, conquest, planetary destruction, genocide, slavery, souls in great pain, souls with great love. It sounds familiar because we can’t seem to stop ourselves from playing out versions of this story over and over again.

There are monsters in this story, and figures of great evil who enjoy cultivating the appearance of goodness, justice and benevolence. They wield power not only through violence and oppression, but through the manipulation of empathy. In public, they may seek compromise, but they will never adhere to the terms of any agreement. Their primary goal is to control minds and have others fight, kill and die for them.

The ones who have perfected this insidious form of warfare have wreaked havoc across our sector of the galaxy and likely beyond. Homeworlds destroyed, a diaspora of billions, and we are the descendants of both sides. Will the same ending play out on Earth? It nearly has, several times over the last 75,000 years.

But not this time. And not because a saviour is coming to fix it. God/Source finds murder, rape and destruction perfectly acceptable in the lower realms. It’s up to us to decide what is and is not acceptable here. The difference this time around is, believe it or not, teamwork.

Every race in our galactic neighborhood that has been destroyed or decimated by those who take pleasure in such things has been spurred towards spiritual evolution. This kind of evolution is not just a change in thought pattern or behaviour, but a categorical shift in consciousness that affects the molecular structure of the entire species—a literal change in state to one that is much freer from the confines of physical matter.

These “extraterrestrials” are our progenitors, our genetic family members. And now they have come together, pooled resources, shared knowledge from hard lessons, developed tactics, planted sleeper agents and are communicating more and more freely with those who recognize them.

Their message: Do not fear. Do not obey. Do not worship. Look within. Do not follow anyone or anything but the light you find inside yourself.

It’s the same message that we’ve received many times. “Know thyself” said the Delphic oracle. “This above all, to thine own self be true” said Shakespeare. “Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself” said Rumi.

Now is the time. There is panic among the ruling class. Things are out of control. Breathe deep. Shine bright. Fear not.

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