Concerning stellar body movement outside of “time”: Reading for the new moon solar eclipse in Aries

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Expanded reading

All human activity is driven by measurement of the movement of stellar bodies: time. But outside of the earthly use of calendars and clocks and events and seasons, what is the meaning of the cycles and spirals and aspects and alignments that our luminaries and planets make? That’s what astrology is meant to explore, I think. Instead of the task of figuring out the way to act most advantageously underneath the dancing lights that produce, in a roundabout way, time itself, astrology is a tool for uncovering the metaphysical nature of the universe as demonstrated by its most brilliant creatures: the stars.

One of the biggest material myths to overcome on the way to liberation is that humans are strictly subjects to linear time. Yes, the meat suit degrades and requires all sorts of upkeep dependent on external conditions governed by time. But just like the rest of the known universe, we are metaphysical beings that dwell in the timeless realms while tethered to a physical plane of measured decay at the same time. So what meaning, what impact do the stars and their perceived movement have for us as nonphysical spirit beings who inhabit a world shaped by correspondence and relationship rather than time and space?

Well, I’m not convinced that question can be answered in any kind of fulness—and I suspect that many astrologers throughout history would agree. But maybe by attending to the happenings in the sky that appear significant and studying moments case by case, broader patterns of understanding may appear. And I think that’s what comes out with these astro/card readings for me: not knowledge, per se, but intuitive wisdom about the workings of the universe beyond the physical.

First layer: Time access capacity shifting
Mystical Healing Reading Cards: “Recognize divine timing (24)”
Mystical Shaman Oracle: “The Smoky Mirror (47)”, “Many Paths (34)”, “The Time Master (57)”, “Soul Retrieval (49)”

My question today is about the significance of the upcoming new moon/solar eclipse in Aries, and the first layer of cards speaks of opening to the mutable nature of time—as if we are being guided to acknowledge that time is more of a guideline than a fixed rule. Moving back and forth through time can be as easy as activating a memory with a smell, or falling into a dream, or going deep into  old emotions formed from past events, still living in the body. Even past lives can be accessed this way, through powerful feelings (often trauma) so strong, they cling to the soul beyond the death of the body.

The work of psychology, psychiatry and various schools of therapy in the 20th century can be described as time travel research, with the body and mind as vehicle and emotion/trauma as residue from past events. Going back through time in the imagination to childhood, or to significant events, in order to process them more fully, can lead to deep and profound healing. So a solar eclipse in the domain of self and identity (Aries as the solar child, entering into the bondage of time to discover who it will become), during a period of the year known as the Cusp of Power (sun moving from Aries to Taurus) is granting authority—or at least pointing the way—to a much more flexible relationship between human consciousness and time. This represents a breakage of limits and conventional understanding.

Second layer: Permissions expanding to rewrite capabilities
Gateway of Light Activation Oracle: “Hathor Light Codes”, “The Central Sun”, “Merkaba Activation”, “Lemurian Seed Codes”, “Karmic Board Clearing”
White Light Oracle: “Tantra of 639Hz (18)”

As these cards came out, the analogy that came to mind was of folder permissions on a server. You don’t want to let a novice mess with the contents or order of the assets that makes the installation work. But administrators need to have access to change, move, rewrite, add and delete content in order to implement upgrades or fix bugs. That is what is going on metaphysically with this new moon/eclipse: if you’ve been deeply engaged with the work of “knowing thyself”, you’ve been granted superadmin access on a very deep level. This may the ability to end patterns of behaviour, to heal very old wounds, to renegotiate contracts with yourself and others, to reintegrate parts of yourself that have been lost or abandoned in other lifetimes, and even to explore completely new territory.

A significant component of being able to work with this new level of access comes from the conscious participation in the deeply unconscious, deeply fundamental function of harnessing polarity. There is binary code at the base of material and spiritual beingness, the electromagnetic push-pull of receiver and giver, of attractor and attracted, of the potter and the clay. Masculine and feminine are corrupted terms for me, but these two opposing but paired forces within each of us can be excited to produce spin, movement, energy. It culminates in the bliss of orgasm, which certainly doesn’t require another person. Yes, there is work to be done in groups, with others and with the collective, but Aries has the focus on the self—and before you can make love or war with others, you have to make love and war with yourself.

So my suggestion for this new moon/solar eclipse tomorrow is to sit in the fire of your own awareness and open up a mode of being where you embody the superadmin, the Higher Self, the version of you that sees everything, knows everything, loves and accepts everything, plans incarnations, moves through death and life like garments, cradles wounded aspects like a parent, and is bound by nothing except rules it sets for itself—which are always editable.

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