That is a phrase I just invented which means Awesome German Trip Week. As I write, I am in the Montreal airport waiting to board my flight to Frankfurt. My main reason for going is to attend the War Resisters International conference “Countering the Militarization of Youth,” in Darmstadt, just south of Frankfurt. My compatriots and fellow Quakers (Sheehan Moore and Matthew Webb) and I will be representing Canadian Quakers at the conference, and learning about current issues relating to increased militarization in western culture, youth recruitment, the military in education and public spaces, and methods of resistance.

We’ll be posting relevant content on our specially-dedicated blog, “Notes on Counter-Militarism”

After the conference I’ll be spending a couple of days in Frankfurt and a few more in Berlin, doing all sorts of things I can’t do on Halifax — like getting on a bus that’s on time!

So to celebrate all things Deutsche, I’ll be posting about the crazy awesome people/things/places I meet/see/buy/smell/lick/visit.

In the meantime, please enjoy this video: