Branding is not only about establishing the visual “look” for your business.

It’s  about communicating who you are, what you do & why you’re special.

We’ll take you from the conceptual stage and create a visual identity (including logo, colour, type and packaging style) in a way that suits your business and addresses all your concerns.

Minimum time: 4 weeks
Project principal: Christel LeBlanc


1. First, we’ll discuss your business plan, your needs, your intentions and your goals. That way, we can find out where you might fit in the world of brands, and start to develop a strategy for you to stand out. I’ll ask you to start collecting material that gives you conceptual or aesthetic inspiration — and examples of what you find uninspiring, too.

2. At our next meeting, we’ll do a visual assessment of your competition and talk about your collected inspiration. We’ll discover what will work for you and what won’t. How will you learn from the best? How will you be different?

3. Once I have developed sketches and mockups, we can narrow down the visual language, or “rhetoric” of your evolving brand. We’ll talk about presenting your product or service in a style of packaging that represents your business vision and “ethos,” or character.

4. The finished product will be a colour and font palette, set of logos, packaging style and a “branding guide” to help you use your visual identity.