Wednesday, Jan 8, 2014: Class 1

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Intro to Interactive Design (DSGN 2510)

In this class…

  • Review of course outlines, assignments & expectations
  • Introduction of online course resources
  • Intro to programs: TextWrangler, Fetch
  • Intro to boilerplate.html
  • HTML5, Local HTML vs. Served HTML, Information Hierarchy, Text Formatting, Hyperlinks

[icon size=”tiny” image=”icon-cloud-download”] Download basic HTML5 page boilerplate.html


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Hey, I’m Christel

Aquarius rising / Aries sun / Libra moon

Continually transforming under Pluto’s mysterious tutelage. Uncovering long-lost gifts of divination. Exploring the unknown, unconscious and unacknowledged.

My readings combine tarot and oracle cards with astrology, numerology and a mix of esoteric material, including channelled and transmitted works.