Wednesday, Jan 15, 2014: Class 2

by | Jan 15, 2014 | Intro to Interactive Design (DSGN 2510)

In this class…

  • Comments & Symbol Entities (Glyphs)
  • Lists
  • Using Images
  • Image Preparation Using Photoshop
  • Discussion: How we Read on the Web

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Using a digital camera or phone, take at least 60 photos of your place of residence. The photos should accurately reflect your current living conditions.

  • Shoot using multiple angles: different sides, from high and low. Pay attention to lighting!
  • You should use a camera capable of taking photos with a resolution of at least 2000 x 1500px.
  • Take all the photos in one session.

Submission date

In class, 6pm Jan. 22, 2014


This assignment is ungraded but the photos will be required in the next assignment.

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