Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014: Class 6

by | Feb 12, 2014 | Intro to Interactive Design (DSGN 2510)

In this class…

We will be catching up on material missed during the snow days, including:

  • validation
  • class & id styles in CSS
  • DIVs & SPANs
  • positioning
  • tables

[icon size=”tiny” image=”icon-cloud-download”] Download basic HTML5 page boilerplate.html

[icon size=”tiny” image=”icon-cloud-download”] Download Simple CSS

HTML Validator



[icon size=”tiny” image=”icon-play-circle”] Video playlist on YouTube

Alter Ego House Museum: Part III – the Box Model & CSS positioning


This one will be easy… add the following to your website:

  1. In at least one place on your home page, add a margin to an HTML element.
  2. In at least one place on your home page, add padding and a background color to an HTML element.
  3. In at least one place on your home page, add a border to an HTML element.
  4. Use both a class style and an id style in your CSS.

You may add all three to a single HTML element, using CSS. Depend primarily on your stylesheet, not inline styles.

Next, create a <div> element on your home page and set the position attribute so that it stays in the upper left hand corner of the website, even if the user scrolls the page.

When you have completed and uploaded the assignment, add a document called “location.txt” that tells me where on your home page you added each part of this assignment: use line numbers to specify location in the code.


  • Each file must be named meaningfully. Remember, don’t use upper case when you name your files or images.
  • Each page must be titled meaningfully.
  • Each page must have a link back to index.html
  • Each page must have at least one image, sized appropriately for web use.
  • Each page must have at least one paragraph of copy describing the photo(s).
  • Additional pages must appear in a separate folder called “pages”, images must appear in a separate folder called “images”, CSS in a folder called “css”


This assignment is worth 10% of the final grade.

  • 5 points will be based on a lack of HTML and CSS errors. YOUR HTML PAGE MUST VALIDATE.
  • The remaining 5 points are based on the amount and quality of additional mojo.
  • Anyone who submitted the assignment last week is eligible for up to 5 additional points for fixing things I pointed out in the notes with your grade.

Assignment is due in your folder on the server by email to the instructor at at 9:00 am on Wednesday, Feb. 12 Friday, Feb. 14.

Late assignments will not be accepted. If you do not have it uploaded by the deadline, you will lose the marks for this assignment.

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