Landing page


Create a professional-looking temporary landing page for a fictional business that has a full website in development. It will be a one-page website designed around the company brand and provides a portal to social media platforms and updates to keep visitors informed about the launch.


  • A logo / custom elements designed around the company brand
  • An informative paragraph about the company & contact info
  • A countdown to launch date
  • A form that allows visitors to sign up for a notification about the launch
  • Links to social media


If you choose to complete the assignment, it will be worth 10% of your final grade

  • 5 points will be based on fulfilling the requirements above, and on a lack of HTML and CSS errors.
  • The remaining 5 points are based on the amount and quality of additional mojo. I’m looking for design sense, balance, creativity, hard work!

Assignment is due in your folder on the server at 9:00 am on Wednesday, April 16.
All work must be uploaded to the server for it to be considered “submitted”.

If you do not have it uploaded by the deadline, I will not factor the marks into your final grade.