Today’s extended reading: The green comet and the refreshment of humankind

by | Jan 31, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Expanded reading

I decided to look into the nature of the green comet that is visiting us again after 50,000 years. What came out of the cards is a story of joy, pleasure and creativity being siphoned out of Earth humanity, and a call to refocus on these “lost arts” as a key to growing a new paradigm of society.

The last time this comet came by, neanderthal humans were ruled by the Annunaki god-kings, who were still tinkering with our DNA to better and worse effects. Earth was under the domain of very different beings, and the age of Man had not yet begun. And when it did, adolescent humanity was so heavily influenced by negative grey/reptiloid values that we very nearly destroyed ourselves several times over. What we have now is a planet full of people who are enslaved to an unnecessarily draconian economic system, where passion, creativity and joy are, at best, secondary pursuits after financial demands have been satisfied. This situation is, and I cannot state this strongly enough, absolutely fucked up and wrongheaded in every single way.

So, to the reading:

Out of the Astro deck came: Trine/Sextile: Symbiosis (52), Retrograde: Review (15) and Fifth House: Passion (43). This says to me that we’re coming into a time of largely unrecognized harmony and helpfulness, where Friends are close and we’re able to take advantage of an atmosphere of singing resonance in the spheres. Provided we can look back and evaluate our troubling past and present states without falling into despair and paralyzing depression, a doorway is opening that is aflame with passionate energy. This is not just heart chakra passion but solar plexus passion, imbued with desire for creative action that cannot be stopped by threats or limits.

From the Mystical Shaman deck came: The Staff (51), Standstill (52), The Time Master (57) and The Spiral (50). The recurrence of 52/7 makes me think of our annual solar cycle, which completes in 52 units of 7. In case all the signs of the past few years weren’t clear, we are turning into a new age, a new area of space/time as our planet, solar system and galaxy hurdle through the universe on the spiral path, retracing old patterns in new space. Here on Earth, we are expected to proceed as if nothing has changed, as if our structures and institutions and socioeconomic conventions weren’t zombies lurching around trying to suck out our brains, as if there isn’t anything better than plutocratic kleptocracy at every level of leadership.

The doorway on the Standstill card, red with fire, is a call to passion that emerges from deep and profound contact with one’s inner soul. This is not the economically productive, toxically positive passion of LinkedIn hustle culture. There is no product here, no investment for return, no guaranteed outcome at all. This kind of passion defies all economic sense, diverts resources from outside to inside, and renders one less and less capable of participating in one’s own enslavement. “Freedom is the process by which you develop a practice for being unavailable for servitude.” – Avery F. Gordon, Letters from the Utopian Margins.

From the Gateway of Light deck came: Hathor Light Codes (Light immersion. Full-system upgrade. Power recall.) and Chamber of the Violet Flame (Karmic release. Radical transformation.) Through great mother Hathor we are linked to pre-Kemetic themes and values that come to us in traces through ancient Egyptian art and religion. And the Violet Flame shows us another view through the doorway of burning passion—a view of what the human spirit actually is. “You are dancing thoughts.” RA, 1.0. The Hieros gamos union between polarities, the alchemical transmutation of one form to another, the ending of the illusion of the supremacy of matter… all these processes are part of these changing times and changing people. Initiation comes through sublime joy.

All this is underscored through cards from the Sacred Geometry deck: Change (12), Solar Plexus Chakra (3) and Consciousness (17). I don’t think I’ve done an extended reading where “Change” doesn’t show up through one or more cards. And a lot of this change has been going on unconsciously. But the Solar Plexus Chakra card is an indication that conscious will, as in the developing collective will of humanity, is absolutely required going forward. It is literally a change in consciousness that requires the awareness and participation of those involved.

Opening to multidimensionality (meaning both inner states of development and outer layers of reality populated by an eclectic array of beings) and karmic reality (meaning the pain that we’ve caused over and over to one another) with eyes open and feet anchored in the Earth, is required at this stage. We’re so used to having our trusted authorities discount, exclude and demonize entire provinces of reality (let me gesture broadly at the past three years) that many are left trembling in fear and confusion, cut off from the help of pillars and signs left to us by our ancestors and extraterrestrial Friends (who are sometimes one and the same).

So our little green companion is here to tell us to reawaken that leonine, fifth house domain of pleasure, art, joy, sex and fun that comes not from buying a thing or an experience, but from chasing that drive to explore and express the bursting bright light within. That is the doorway to the refreshment and empowerment of humanity, because it starves the parasites of nutrients. And without these parasites, we may discover what an age of Man could really be.

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