Today’s extended reading for new moon in Aquarius: Vanity of vanities, all is vanity

by | Feb 18, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card, Expanded reading

Debts coming due. A clash between past and future. A tumbling snowball of negligence and malfeasance smashing into a wall. A volatile mix of fire and water, like explosive magma roiling at the mouth of a caldera. Again, like during the full moon, the Tower appears: a great structure blasted into pieces, licked by hadean tongues of fire, tossed like gravel in the air. The Princess of Disks, creatrix of the Earth, stands above, poking the molten wreckage with a stick, waiting to see what raw matter may be used for new forms.

An experiment allowed to come full circle, observed like bacteria in a petrie dish, now ended in fire as the Master Life-Former resets the laboratory for a new project. Releasing expectations for a future that avoids all categorization. Scales fall from eyes that are still useless in the formless void: what is there to see? Nothing yet, just vapour and the end of all designs of men. True clarity is disappointment, grappling with the utter pointlessness of all endeavour. Eat, shit, sleep, die, repeat. If there is no satisfaction in these old patterns, and there is no substance in expectation, what is the purpose of existence? What do we do when all doing is futile?

(Decks: Starcodes Astro deck, Thoth tarot, Mystical Shaman deck, Gateway of Light Activation deck)

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