Today’s extended reading: Extraterrestrials in public awareness

by | Feb 12, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Expanded reading

Today’s question is about how the public here on Earth will come to know and accept not just the presence of extraterrestrials—but the fact that we live, unknowingly, in a very busy universe populated with many different beings, the vast majority of whom are peaceful and loving and more highly advanced both technologically and spiritually.

The cards give multiple answers: there are several ways that humanity at large comes to know and accept extraterrestrial friends, and these ways have been open for many thousands of years.

First is literal exploration, both space exploration and the quest to thoroughly understand the nature of the universe, physical and otherwise. That most discoveries related to extraterrestrial activity, on this planet and others, are kept secret for fear of “disturbing” the general populace is of no matter. Humanity is interconnected through the unconscious, and what is uncovered to one of us will be uncovered to all in due time.

The second way is through subtle states of consciousness. Many extraterrestrials, even the ones who still have physical bodies, are highly spiritually attuned, and can relate to humans through dreams, meditation, astral experiences and states of bliss. Please note that positive extraterrestrials will never engage with you unless you ask for it: they do not invade, they do not interrupt, they do not suddenly blind you with light on the road to Damascus.

The third way is art. This has been true since ancestors of Homo sapiens began drawing on cave walls and carving petroglyphs into rock, and continues to be true even as we are able to realize the most fantastical science fiction visuals in film. There is nothing new under the sun, and what our artists and visionaries create is not exactly fiction, but fragments of reality that seem too strange or far-fetched for us to process without a cognitive barrier. We’ve always lived in a Star Trek world of many beings and many inhabited planets and many modes of existence. Sci fi provides a soft testing ground for our fragile consciousnesses to get used to shocking realities that would cause waves of psychosis among Earth humans if the truth was suddenly laid bare.

The fourth way is the search for justice. People are sensing that something is terribly wrong with the way we do things on Earth. It’s pretty obvious that the subjugation of the Earth and of our fellow man to amass and hoard profit is super fucked up. The rule of the few over the many is so unnatural, it takes propaganda and armed force to drive humans to accept it. Why is your average person so giving to a random stranger in need, but as a species we allow ourselves to be governed by people and systems that literally generate poverty, misery and fear? The feeling that something’s not right is an ever-expanding doorway to receiving the truth that there are many better ways that have been developed and worked for millennia by our extraterrestrial friends, and that they are ready to help us implement once we stop swallowing our own generational lies.

These four ways are all supplemented by a huge variety of work going on in unseen places: other planes, densities and states. Some people on Earth see extraterrestrials when they look in the mirror, because their indwelling light (spirit or consciousness) comes from somewhere other than the human collective. They are sleeper agents, working in an organic way to open the minds and hearts of Earthlings. Some people here have strong memories of past civilizations on Earth that worked and lived side-by-side with extraterrestrials. Some people find themselves working with highly advanced beings who stay on an astral plane (sometimes called “inner Earth”, in mountains or honeycomb-like spaces in the mantle, or ethereal cities that float above the surface), groups who are concerned with the spiritual development of humanity and the Earth herself.

There is nothing to fear from a so-called “alien invasion”, because we’ve already been infested with multiple waves of nefarious, negative extraterrestrials for 50,000 years. Human society as we know it is the product of unholy collaboration between human elites and negatively-oriented (read: spiritually and morally degraded) extraterrestrials, who promise wealth and advanced technology to our leaders in return for the subjugation of souls and bodies. But this era is coming to an end, as more and more people withdraw their energy, attention and consent away from the great siphons that seek to feed on us.

Subtle planes of higher consciousness cannot be penetrated by beings who seek to control others, which is why these spaces are bastions of positive extraterrestrial contact. If you want to make friends with highly advanced, positive beings of light, you must go through the portal located inside yourself. The process of spiritual evolution is a refiner’s fire, transforming awareness through the catalyst of experience. No other technology is necessary.

(Decks: Starcodes Astro Oracle, Mystical Shaman Oracle, Sacred Forest Oracle, Starseed Oracle, Gateway Activation of Light Oracle)

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