Today’s extended reading: Deeper relationships with non-physical guides

by | Jan 27, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Expanded reading

This is a reading I did for myself under the question “How do I develop or nurture relationships with guides/friends that reside outside my 3D time/space?” I figured it might be interesting to others since there’s more and more interaction these days between “inside” and “outside,” whether that means inner archetypes that come from the collective unconscious or our own past lives, or beings in other densities or realities who are further along the path of spiritual evolution. In my case, these beings are influences that I have mysteriously strong connections with, some of whom have names, who offer guidance and wisdom and love to me in particular but also to many others.

As I often do, I started out with the astro deck but no cards would come out. I see this as a key. My question reaches outside the structure of our zodiacal, physical experience and requires some abandonment of conventional reason and sense.

Onto the Thoth deck, where the first card out is the Chariot (7). This is the merkaba, the ability of the light body to move between densities or states of reality. This speaks to initiative on my part, to the cultivation of inner stability and connection as necessary for deeper congress with other beings. Think of a deep sea diver moving up and down through levels of intense pressure: even with special equipment, time is required to acclimate to extreme pressure because it literally affects the physiognomy. You may have an easier time connecting with a guide who is an ancestor or departed loved one than one who comes from a different galaxy, universe or density.

The following four cards each represent a different style of movement of energy in communication or relationship. Satiety (10 of cups) is a downward radiation through various nodes or avatars. Change (2 of cups) is a double spiral flow, a balanced exchange between two equals. Completion (4 of wands) is the layered, enhanced energetic output of a small, tight knit group working in perfect synergy. Knight of Disks is the lone radiator of energy that may be gathered and used by flora, fauna and humans alike. Perhaps all of these styles are represented among my Friends.

Next is the Animal Oracle. I have been taught many lessons about communication by my cats, who each have different needs and styles of making their wishes known. I think our guides have similar hurdles when we ask for help or guidance: we are separated by a quality of awareness characterized by the world we live in, and what is clear and apparent for them is not so clear for us. This is why symbols and synchronicities are so useful: guides use our interpretation of symbols to pass messages that would be incoherent to express in any other way.

Each of these animals offers communication advice. Groundhog says release reliance on familiar patterns. Cat says trust yourself to go your own way: you don’t need other people to tell you what something means. Dragonfly says truth and lies may come in on the same breeze, but the fragrance of truth will linger. Fox says that sensitivity often requires switching tacks or doing something completely different. Bobcat says that settling into not knowing can be a delightful expansion of possibilities.

Cards from the final two decks, Sacred Forest and Gateway of Light, seem to enhance and reaffirm what’s already been seen. Daffodil Fairy: New beginnings and Lemurian Seed Codes speak to what is possible after we veer off the beaten path and sincerely pursue a direction that is not planned or sanctioned by others. For example, if you believe wisdom comes only from books, you may not be open to directly-received “downloads” or bursts of information that seem to occur spontaneously from within.

Owl Spirit: Wisdom and Starbeing Healing Codes address the reality that there is indeed Truth with a capital T that we matter-bound humans cannot naturally see or grasp because of our extremely limited perspective. Once Truth migrates down the ladder, through distortion after distortion, it becomes something that we need to hold lightly and sift delicately. A descent into psychosis triggered by messages with a seed of truth surrounded by toxic garbage and swallowed by an unguarded, ungrounded seeker is a real and present danger.

Wolf Spirit: Family and Heart of Source refer to a type of message that is more love than wisdom: the warm embrace of someone who knows you completely, accepts you fully and loves you unconditionally in a way that is almost never possible for human beings (though they may assert otherwise). There are no caveats here, no subtle manipulations, no energy vampirism. From the great mystery at the heart of our galaxy and the heart of our universe beyond that, there issues baffling, flattening, inconceivable love—the love that moves the sun and other stars.

The final card out is, most fittingly, Merkaba Activation: the continual process of transmutation of awareness that enlivens and awakens the “star quality” of a human being—the quality that allows us to move between worlds and realms through the same love/light electromagnetic energy that powers the movement of all celestial bodies. Whatever the particulars of the path you forge for yourself, that’s what you are doing: emerging from the heavy density of matter to dance with all that is wondrous and mysterious, and then coming back down to integrate this awareness back into the material plane. The physical and the metaphysical are one.

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