Today’s cards: Your friendly neighbourhood representative of Source

by | Mar 5, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

Today is Sunday, a day for solar worship—the honouring of that strange, divine spark of infinity that resides in 3D form, in human beings, nature and stellar bodies alike. When I think of unconditional love, I think of the sun, so unceasingly and unwaveringly providing light and life that we need shelter from it to avoid burning up. My question today is: What does this Piscean sun have to tell us about the many expansive changes this month?

The four Astro cards that came out are: South Node: Past, Cancer: Immerse, Sixth House: Sustainability and Pisces: Sensitize. Interesting that we have the two significant water signs that are at play right now (Saturn moving into Pisces, sun already there, and Mars moving into Cancer). Pisces, in the domain of the unconscious, is a place that is outside of time, where past/present/future mix. When Time Lord Saturn arrives here, we get a reckoning (or reconciliation or reevaluation?) around how we see/evaluate our present selves/circumstances.

What’s prudent right now is to make sure that your existence is sustainable in a personal sense. Don’t assume conditions of continuous growth. Don’t assume that burdens will lighten. Pare down on anything that is pushing you towards burnout. Cut out unfair demands and don’t set yourself alight to keep others warm. There is a risk of drowning if you try and take too much with you into this rushing current.

There’s a need here to be unburdened in order to be fully immersed in new light and deep water. The identities you set up for yourself in the past may stop making sense or being useful. Bring the most minimal, simplified version of yourself to the altar of initiation.

The “Alabaster Tablet of Laylah” signifies change governed by feminine principles, by receptivity, adaptivity and openness to possibilities and paradigms that don’t need to invented or manifested or worked. Let go of construction and instruction. Immerse yourself in water or stare at the night sky. Everything that happens outside happens inside first.

(Decks: Starcodes Astro Oracle, Gateway of Light Activation Oracle, White Light Oracle)

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