Today’s cards: The reclaiming of infrastructure and “work” in service to humanity

by | Mar 29, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

I have apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic dreams fairly often. They vary widely in content and feeling, but one aspect that is consistent in my post-apocalyptic dreams is the reclamation of commercial infrastructure for people to live and socialize in. My dreamtime experiences of what happens after the end of civilization as we know it is not a wasteland, but one in which a huge proportion of resources (both physical and non-physical) are freed up for use by regular people living life close to the ground.

There are no more jobs that require office buildings or commuting or technical support. There is no more advertising or mass trans-cultural entertainment. There are no more organizational structures that exist only to create and exchange imaginary money. People still work, but labour is vastly simplified and geared towards feeding, clothing, housing and amusing self and family and local community. “Ownership” is redefined—a big clue that the key to any future outside global capitalism is a fundamental change in human nature.

I ask the cards “how will this reclamation of infrastructure take place?” From the Thoth deck I get the 4, 1 and 2 of wands, all three fiery Arian power cards in the suit that deals with spirit or intuition. The 4 of wands is called “Completion” and speaks to an internal but collective process that must be finished before a new phase begins. The Ace is awakening of self-realization, the moment of suddenly seeing oneself accurately and feeling everything that goes with that. Clearly, humanity is still subject to some deep self-delusion that needs to be released. The 2 of wands is called “dominion”, which is really self-command/control—think of a teenager with a developing brain that has to work at self-control and emotional regulation in order to participate fully with the family. What with all the activity in Aries right now (sun, Chiron, Jupiter, Mercury), adolescent humanity is being urged to get its shit together and stop lashing out at itself.

Out of the Wisdom deck comes Observer (49), Community (8) and Why? (31). This indicates to me that we’re in a period of evaluation that may be a little like exam season. Look around yourself as you go about your day in the world: is this really what you want? Is this community a functional one? Is there “community” at all or just an illusion of consensus? Why the fuck are we even here, messing around on the surface of this planet? Why work all day to amass capital if you could die at any moment? Why participate in a community that seems to have nothing for you?

Seems to me that these are the questions that lead to individual re-evaluation that quickly snowballs into a mass re-evaluation of collective purpose. Adolescent humanity needs to ask and answer: What do you want to be when you grow up—and why?

(Decks: Thoth tarot, Wisdom of the Oracle)

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