Today’s cards: The Drowning of the Overlords

by | Mar 6, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

Today is moon day, and before this time tomorrow, the sun and the moon will be opposing one another during the Virgo full moon at 16°. In tarot, 16 is the number of the tower card, the card that symbolizes radical breakdown of the status quo. We’re currently reaping the consequences of decades of resource siphoning from the people to corporate oligarchs, when plans for the future come crumbling down because of long term lack of investment in the structures that hold up society. The Virgoan domestic work of securing food, shelter and basic needs for everyone has been left undone so that the most vapid, selfish organisms on this planet can pursue bullshit nonsense on an epic scale.

So my question is “How do we rebalance to sustainably meet basic needs for all instead of wasting resources on ego trips?”

Again, we get Cancer: Immerse coming out of the Astro deck. That’s the fourth time in six days we’ve seen this card, which seems to be underscoring the importance of cardinal water and the movement of Mars into this sign. It has a dystonic feel, and may result in a cloud of steam as if a hot iron had been plunged into cold water. Next is Saturn: Structure, which we’ve also seen three times in the past week. If I were to take this literally, I’d be wary of storms and high waters for anyone living in a flood-prone area.

The other two cards from the astro deck, Juno: Partnership and Vesta: Hearth are two asteroids. Juno was daughter of Saturn and mother of Mars, and Vesta was Rome’s most ancient goddess of the hearth and home. When the authoritative structure of society is drowning in its own negligence, the Old Ways of Wise Women fill the gap. This means a feminine, Virgoan approach to life: equal partnerships carrying a balanced load when it comes to “Charlie work” (unpleasant labour), and the primacy of living close to the ground, keeping house, tending fires, feeding children and strangers.

There is no “voting for change” here. There is no reform that will cure the current regime (government-shielded corporate mega-capitalism) of its pathological need for exponential growth. The only way is to remove our energy from the feeding pool and starve the beast to death. This is what happens when people turn inward and gain sustenance from an inner connection to spirit, from their close relationships, and from their families and homes. A deep commitment to self-expression and self-maintenance without the nefarious guidance of advertising and conspicuous consumption will lead to a different kind of world.

(Decks: Starcodes Astro Oracle, Sacred Forest Oracle)

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