Today’s cards: The cosmos whispers “Come together, right now, over me”

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

Today is the day of Venus, and she is currently opposing the moon in Libra and sextiling Mars in Gemini (which is trining the Moon, which is trining Saturn as well). The sun is now beginning to conjunct Neptune, which will get tighter and tighter as the month wears on. Don’t know about you but things are getting very dreamy even though there’s this underlying intensity of purpose coming through. Feels like an episode of Twin Peaks where the deep meaning is in whispers between characters that the audience doesn’t here, or in backwards-talking metaphors that aren’t exactly clear even in reverse.

My question is: “What secrets are being whispered by our local planetary consciousnesses at this time?”

First cards out are Gemini: Cross-Pollination and Aries: Act, which speak to the subtle communication between different forces, like a bee “communicates” with a flower. Really, the bee initiates a process of change but has no say on how that change is carried out. Each force, each consciousness, works its energy in its own way. And for us humans on 3D Earth, we only pick up little indicators, most of which happen in the unconscious dream state.

What seems to be happening on planes relevant to us is the processing of past energy signatures into a new state/slate that is as yet unwritten. Note the progression of card numbers here: 33, 44, 55, like density shift changes on multiple levels. These times require mutability, flexibility, sustainability to be able to dance with change and not lose balance or heart.

Three cards from the Thoth tarot emphasize a fire/water transmutational combustion that comes from opposing forces working together in their own discrete, sacred domains. The Princess of Wands is a flaming flower, opening for pollination. The Emperor is the Arian ram, the Jupiterian god-king initiator, the phallus that impregnates. And Art is the symbiosis of these elements, the alchemical transformation of opposing forces into the double-helix spiral of manifested form, the goal of Holy Marriage/Hieros Gamos, the two that becomes one.

(Decks: Starcodes Astro Oracle, Thoth tarot)

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