Today’s cards: Shamanic dreamwork

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

Today is Mercury’s day and the first day of Saturn in Pisces, where it will be until May 2025. The moon is currently opposite Neptune and trining Pluto, a situation ripe for deep messages. My question today is: how can we use dreams to affect reality?

The two cards from the Astro deck are Eighth house: Mystery and Tenth House: Authority. This could reflect the Piscean domain of the unconscious coming together with the Saturnian domain of power and dominance. There are all sorts of things that we never speak aloud, that we are compelled by trauma or cultural taboo to hide or at least not acknowledge directly.

From the Mystical Shaman deck, The Curse comes to underscore this meaning, pointing to all that is “unspeakable” lying below the surface. But the Luminous Warrior is there too, this brave, strong, gentle masculine holding a ball of light. This work—going down into the dark, frightening places in one’s own psyche/memories, into the locked-away parts of the collective unconscious—is the shamanic process, symbolized by the Andean Cross. We climb up and down between the lower, middle and higher worlds, carrying messages, putting things back together. Pachamama, Gaia herself, holds these worlds/wounds in her body and opens the way for those who dare to tread.

The dream state is like an access conduit, a Jeffries tube through the conscious world and the unconscious mixed up together, allowing us to see and tinker with the hidden systems that shape our waking life and the 3D world. Now is the time to give yourself full permission, full authority to shift the unmovable, beginning within dreams.

(Decks: Starcodes Astro Oracle, Mystical Shaman Oracle)

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