Today’s cards: One Tribe: Community (17) & Distant Healing: Healing Transmission (10)

by | Jan 24, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

These cards bring together two concepts I don’t exactly trust at face value: community and healing. In my experience, communities (family units, social groups, even nations) can survive all sorts of dramatic change that is inflicted from the outside. But rarely do they adapt to drastic internal change that erupts from within, like personality shifts or changes in the beliefs and values of their members. Instead, they eject the offending members or they split into new groups. The “Aquarian community” is an oxymoronic thought experiment: a group committed to radical and continual internal transformation has no ideological glue to hold it together, as any fundamental tenet or viewpoint may be jettisoned at any time by any member in service to their own path of change.

“Healing” is simply change in the direction of wholeness or unity. I suspect that only self-healing exists, and that any situation that appears otherwise involves either a deep, intimate collaboration where two souls function as one, or an act of grey magic that has negative consequences attached (see John of God). Experiencing transformation from inner healing may bring a sense of great unity to my experience of self while at the same time creating massive schisms with other people in my external community, who are changing or not changing as they see fit. How are healing and community supposed to relate when they are apparently at odds?

I suppose my question is, what holds a “community” together besides ideology and resonance? Blood? Love? Geographical proximity? I can’t say I really know.

(Deck: Master Teacher Crystal Oracle by Rachelle Charman)

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