Today’s cards: New ways of working with Plutonian themes

by | Mar 23, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

Well, today’s the day that Pluto moves into Aquarius for the first time since the French Revolution. Of course, it’s just a movement over an imaginary boundary marker. But our whole world is made of imaginary boundary markers that we’re forced to respect—like nation-state borders, or time zones, or the value of money. And judging by the amount of attention this astrological ingress is getting, not just from astrologers but from the general public, I have to conclude that Pluto in Aquarius is a very real thing that will, at the very least, change how we think.

So my question today is, “What are some new ways of working with Plutonian themes?” Plutonian themes are death and rebirth, creation from destruction, in all the literal and metaphorical ways we can possibly imagine.

First cards out from the Thoth deck are—and I shit you not—“Death” and “The Lovers”. What I see here is pertinent to my own work, exploring past life (or “other life”, since time is just a construct) trauma, turmoil and death in art. In this process, I’ve fallen in love with previously rejected or irredeemable aspects of myself, and have brought them to a place where their tragedy and pain can be rewritten. It feels a bit like time traveling.

Out of the Mystical Shaman deck come three cards: Luminous Warrior, Earth (which I’ve never even seen in this deck before) and Wild Woman. I think this speaks to awakening abilities that allow us to bend the rules of time and space with our multidimensional consciousness, so we can find these lost parts of ourselves, be with them, know them deeply, and then create a radical shift in perception that shakes the very foundations of the wheel of karma. What if everything is happening all in the same moment? What if you could be with your child self in her most traumatic moment? What if you could be with a damaged past self you once embodied on the night they take their own life?

I can’t help but shake the feeling that Earth’s evolutionary process, in which we humans are deeply intertwined, requires our full participation in the purging of deep pain and suffering from this sphere of consciousness. Right now I pull a card from the Gateway of Light Activation Oracle and it’s the Arcturians, and the subtext on the card is “Evolutionary downloads. Recalling power. Future thinking.” If that isn’t Pluto in Aquarius, I don’t know what is. There is an abundance of galactic or “extraterrestrial” help these days, and the truth is, many of these have a closer, more personal relationship with our living planet than we do. Pluto in Aquarius is a recall to power, and if you would like galactic assistance to remember and understand the nature of your power, all you need do is ask and be open to answers that take you into deep into the strangeness and vastness of the universe.

(Decks: Thoth tarot, Mystical Shaman Oracle, Gateway Activation of Light Oracle)

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