Today’s cards: Mutable axis of passionate transformation

by | Mar 7, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

Today is Tuesday, day of Mars, and the full moon in Virgo has just peaked. As I write this, Saturn is hanging at 29° 59’ of Aquarius, one tiny minute away from Pisces, into which it will ingress in a few hours. Mars in Gemini is squaring both the sun and the moon, pulling tension on the mutable axis. My question today is: What is this time of tension between mutable signs showing or offering us?

Holy shit, first card out AGAIN is Cancer: Immerse. This is the calling card of the season, apparently. I’m seeing it as the authority to go deep into grottoes that fascinate me without having to explain myself or wait for assistance, to be the mother to myself that is both adventurous and protective, a destination and a home.

Next two cards are Virgo: Digest and Gemini: Cross-pollinate, representing two points squaring one another on that mutable axes. Considering how prominent Cancer has been, I’m seeing the moon/emotional sphere heavily involved here. What do you feel strongest in your heart, your belly? Ride the surge of feeling, wherever it’s guiding you. The final card from the Astro deck is Pallas Athena: Think, the feminine warrior who attunes to the Moon and to Mars, and knows when to simmer in emotion and when to strike.

Altogether, I’m getting advice on how to turn strong emotional compulsion into motivated action through the mutable axis of the zodiac. Virgo is the principle that insists upon looking at every angle and planning for a sustainable outcome. Gemini is the principle of collecting information, discarding that which does not resonate and sharing/exploring that which does. Pallas Athena harnesses the wisdom of opposites, duality, tension to guide each important step.

From the Wisdom deck come three cards that seem to underscore this message: Poised, A Change in the Wind, and Exchanging Gifts. Balancing the tension is difficult these days and requires a warrior spirit with feminine intuition and receptivity to the constant change pushing and pulling. We must be open to gathering wisdom and honing a variety of skills, sharing freely and experimenting all the time, because it’s unclear how or when this buffeting from the winds of change will end. Maybe never?

One final card from the Activations deck: Passion. No better summary of the combo of intense lunar emotion and Martian will to act. Passion is the fuel that makes life warm and exciting, that makes boring chores and confusing circumstances worth tolerating. Parented by wisdom, this inner fire can create or destroy anything.

(Decks: Starcodes Astro Oracle, Wisdom of the Oracle, Sacred Geometry Activations)

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