Today’s cards: Humanity’s journey of empowerment and adolescent angst

by | Mar 9, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

It’s Jupiter’s day and he continues in his conjunction with master healer Chiron, both opposite moon in Libra today. Sometimes healing is found in self-assertion and “taking care of number one”, not in avoiding conflict or compromising. Jupiter does have a tendency to blow things out of proportion, but at the level of the human collective, I’d say that the empowerment of self is much more needed than increased confidence in any appointed ruling bodies. Libra can be the cult leader, the controlling zealot who justifies himself and his actions on self-righteous grounds.

My question today is “How can Arian/first house embodiment of personal power heal the world?”

First card out of the Astro deck is Taurus: Cultivate. In sidereal astrology, which reflects that current state of the sky, Jupiter is conducting Chiron in Taurus. The tension between Aries and Taurus is the journey of coming into power, first for the self and then for the community. The ram may take sudden initiative to bust through obstacles, but the bull is harnessed power, the ring through the nose symbolic of servitude. This is not enslavement but commitment to serve the greater good in communion with the Earth. The next card, Progressions: Journey, may indicate that we need to view this movement on a larger scale, decades rather than years, generations rather than decades.

The last two astro cards, Debilitated: Discomfort and Imum Coeli: Root, portray this Aries>Taurus process as adolescent growing pains, which includes reckoning with painful wounds in childhood, family and sense of self. Humanity is growing from teenager to young adult, making mistakes, finding identity, fighting to survive in a world preoccupied with ancient power struggles, reckoning with baggage and trauma we don’t fully understand.

The animal oracle cards share wisdom from the primordial mother to her adolescent children, preparing to enter the wider world at the galactic level: Be generous of spirit, set healthy boundaries and watch your words. Ultimately, spirit has your back: this is a process that all beings, all collectives have to go through on the path of spiritual evolution. True, 3D Earth is the Way of Pain that some extraterrestrial cultures may not understand. But if you’re here, pain and struggle suit you to some extent. Time to find out why.

(Decks: Starcodes Astro Oracle, Spirit Animal Oracle)

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