Today’s cards: Expanding into new space within personal gender polarity

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

Today is Thursday, day of Thor/Zeus/Jupiter, and in the sky he’s conjunct both Venus and Chiron, which suggests an expanded hope for healing in a “feminine” way (domain of the unconscious, of emotion and intuition), and/or for healing the damaged feminine via a strong, supportive, optimistic masculine. Regardless of gender, we all contain both polarities and we all carry the history of the wounded feminine as part of our ancestry, if not our current lifetime experience. So my question today is: How can my inner masculine self help heal my inner feminine self?

First out are Aries: Act (cardinal masculine fire sign) and Cancer: Immerse (cardinal feminine water sign), which are square one another on the wheel of the zodiac. This is a strained relationship, representing that something must be learned by each from the other. Aries teaches the primacy of action without hesitation or second-guessing or descending into self-doubt. Cancer teaches the embodiment of empathic authority, provides appropriate nurturing in a safe home. Very interesting that Mars moves into Cancer on March 25 after a whopping seven months in Gemini.

The next cards out speak to new possibilities for a reticent feminine self, clinging to her safe space in the deep water, afraid of backlash and criticism from the world. Mars says she must move out of her watery fortress, onto dry land—but that it’s not as dangerous as she thinks it is. It’s also a reminder that being “feminine” is not the same as being likeable or helpful or easy to tolerate, but rather it’s about being true to yourself on the deepest emotional levels.

The final two cards are the voice of Chiron the healer, dealing with that excitable, touchy, reticent feminine. Masculine force, the strike of divine energy that can break the world, is counterproductive. Patience, strength, steadiness and watchfulness are needed to deal with the surge of emotional tides in an empathetic way. Simply being with the parts of yourself that feel fraught and anxious, without trying to mask or instigate change, is the medicine for now.

(Decks: Starcodes Astro Oracle, Starseed Oracle, Rose Oracle, Spirit Animal Oracle)

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