Today’s cards: Big fake money and Saturn in Pisces

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

Whether it’s dissolving precarious foundations or pushing out the tide to reveal that there aren’t any foundations at all, the Time Lord in Pisces is reality-checking a world economy that is essentially a giant Ponzi scheme. There is only one solution: owning up to the no-pants, hair-on-fire reality of the situation (that creating, manipulating and laundering money doesn’t actually turn into anything of use or value to the world and is, in fact, a huge drain on society), and to accept the inevitable decline in “value” (read: Super Mario gold coins) of western economies, GDPs and hoarded private wealth.

So today my question is: How will our illusions about money and wealth be further dissolved by Saturn in Pisces (and Pluto in Aquarius)? The answer comes in three parts:

  1. We will have our priorities reset. Clearly this is already happening when we were forced to confront the value structure of our own lives during covid. Put your faith in the deep water of constant change rather than in the temporary assets that promise stability or future fortune. Home, family, friends, internal life and inner peace are assets to be guarded at all costs.
  2. We will have our wounds exposed and no amount of money will fix them. Humanity as a whole has continued to rape and pillage parts of ourselves to satisfy other parts. We steal and enslave and oppress some people so others can have a carefree life. But we’ve reached a point where even the cushiest life will give no protection from the deep well of internal horrors we’ve papered over, generation after generation. Pain will out, and money won’t help.
  3. We will begin to build a new idea of “home” and centre it in all forms of care. Instead of the clinical, bureaucratic hospitals, schools and care facilities we know now, the “institutions” we’ll build in the future will be much smaller, simpler and able to support existential, emotional, mental and spiritual health/education as well as physical. Instead of spending on exclusive suburbs and designer furnishings and luxury linens, homes will be beautified by the people, animals, plants, minerals and energy that dwell within.

How will this happen? First, by surrendering to the death of the old and opening space in ourselves for new ideas and priorities to grow. Second, by developing inner powers of peace and concentration that provide stability and an internal well of resource that never runs dry. Third, by trusting the voice that whispers “everything could be different” and leaping off the edge of the old world and into the new.

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