Today’s cards: Aspen Spirit: Courage (3) and Owl Spirit: Wisdom (27/9)

by | Feb 2, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

The blue morpho is a large, iridescent butterfly found mostly in South America, far away from the aspen groves of temperate northern forests. It requires courage to go on a journey outside the realm you know, to be a stranger in a strange land, to exist in a time or place with unfamiliar surroundings and people where you obviously don’t belong. Strange people with strange gifts have been, at best, under-appreciated in this world, at worst ostracized from communities or locked up in institutions or murdered after falling afoul of unjust authorities.

Depending on your circumstances, it may be prudent to hide or etherealize your wings until the danger passes, like the wise woman in red. The wise owl advises to practice your arts in secret, in isolation, at night, in order to keep from being bothered or hindered. Going out into the world with your shiny wings sparkling in the sun may entice ignorant people to tear them off, keep them for souvenirs. But we can’t all hide forever, and at some point it’s necessary to risk emerging into an environment that doesn’t appreciate or acknowledge you, and face what feels like demonization or death in order to embody the fullness of what you are—the three trining itself into the nine.

(Deck: Sacred Forest Oracle by Denise Linn)

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