Today’s card: The Great Severing: Mars energy. Anger. Conflict. Softening to love.

by | Jan 17, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

Not all conflict comes from lack of understanding. Sometimes there’s good reason for severing connections. Anger gets repressed, as if it’s not a totally normal, healthy human emotion to have and express. Love isn’t accepting abuse or maintaining relationships that hurt. I think love is closer to allowing people and situations to be as they are, while insulating, protecting and distancing ourselves, like we would do for animals or children. Love entails putting ourselves first without trying to control what’s inside or outside.

During a great severing, we get to see what really is—who other people are, what the world is, who we are. It can be an awful realization that results in fracture and isolation and confusion. Illusions and delusions shatter. We become untethered, unmoored, lost at sea. Well, so be it. Maybe we drift for awhile. Maybe we wash up somewhere new. Maybe we drown and slip through a mysterious portal. Maybe the ship comes round and picks us up again.

Not everything can be fixed, not every ending is happy or even has a redeemable angle. Things just are as they are, and we are left to sort through what we can understand.

(Deck: Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell)

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