Today’s card: The Cubic Stone / The Emperor (4)

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

My mind is preoccupied with the approaching major movements of Saturn into Pisces and Pluto into Aquarius next month. Putting words to what’s emerging seems extra difficult right now. So I shuffled my Egyptian tarot which was in reach, and out came The Cubic Stone / The Emperor (4), which Ra calls “Experience of the Mind”. It’s very masculine, very energetic, with a solidifying effect on reality. But this symbol comes with a problematic illusion of permanence, of fundamentalism, when it might more properly be called “Measuring Stone”… like “ruler” in the sense of evaluator rather than elite overlord.

This is perhaps an aspect of Saturn that is dissolving as it moves into Pisces. Our collective built world has taken for foundational truths what should properly be temporary guides that must change or break down as human consciousness shifts. Now we find ourselves in precarious, fragile conditions under systems that are not fit for purpose, run by people who are not fit to run their own lives, let alone governments or corporations. It’s time for a major update.

(Deck: Egyptian Tarot by AG Muller)

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