Today’s card: Open: Say yes. Expand through the extremes. Trust life.

by | Jan 7, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

It does feel like there’s something extreme going on just under the surface. The full moon (I actually typed “fool moon”—is there something to that?), the relentless retrograde trudge, the fizzy mix of hope and fear and uncertainty going into this year… Perhaps it is a time to slip back into the role of The Fool, into a childlike, adolescent, unexperienced state of being that hasn’t yet been seasoned by failure and harsh reality. Maybe there’s something valuable about stepping blindly through the portal that appears before us, trusting that whatever positive or negative flavour the future brings, it will be an adventure.

“Alongside the everlasting why, there is a yes, and a yes, and a yes.” – E. M. Forster

(Method: With the Aquarian community in mind and heart, I shuffle the deck until a card falls out. Deck: Rose Oracle by Rebecca Campbell)

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