Today’s card: Neptune: Vision (26)

by | Jan 30, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

Weird energy all last night and into this morning, prickly and insistent. Felt like being awake through my dreams, which were full of themes of death and resurrection. Looking at the stars, I find a few exact trines and sextiles from sun/moon to inner and outer planets. But Neptune, who emerged from the Astro deck as soon as I picked it up, is totally unaspected in its home sign of Pisces, despite being in the middle of the mix. An unaspected planet can be loud and confusing, because its energy isn’t being channeled into a dynamic with another body. Neptune out of aspect can bring heightened sensitivity, dreams, fantasies, or disturbances in the body and mind.

The ice shard barrier pictured on the card functions like a radio antenna. Crystallized water vibrates and transmits very well, but if there’s no translator or transmuter to help process the signals, they may come through sharp and strange. Neptune is the sign of collective vision: though the world might agree that things need to change, there’s very little consensus about how that should be done and plenty of propaganda seeding frightful images of nuclear strikes and world war three. In my opinion, these are bullshit scare tactics. We humans aren’t even allowed to use nuclear weapons anymore; our elder Friends are swift to shut that down.

But the confusion remains. By middle of February, Venus will be conjuncting Neptune in Pisces, which should help us sort through these future visions by routing them through a conduit of emotional expression rather than frigid, eerie dreams.

(Deck: Starcodes Astro Oracle by Heather Roan Robbins)

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