Today’s card: Master Deva, Spiritual Support (12/3)

by | Jan 1, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

The faint rainbow coming through is the seed of a human collective of mature individuals, a future that emerges as we see ourselves and our tumultuous history on this planet more clearly than ever before. What seem like fractures are lessons learned, scars borne, perspectives discovered. The Master Deva is the Earth herself, a being who heals and evolves from legendary devastation as a matter of course. She holds wisdom necessary for human healing and invites friends from many places to join and offer their experience.

Number 12 reduces to 3, a cool synchronicity for the first day of 2023 and a representation of progression from individual (1) to partnership/duality (2), to triune unity (3). This is immensely hopeful. It is also a reminder to make incremental progress by building in the proper order, and not succumbing to fantasies or false promises.

(Method: With the Aquarian community in mind and heart, I shuffle the deck until a card falls out. Deck: Master Teacher Crystal Oracle by Rachelle Charman)

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