Today’s card: Beta of Spirit Wolf (23)

by | Jan 22, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

Coming in on an appropriate 23, Beta of Spirit Wolf is a state of relaxed alertness, where self-trust and intuition merge to process information from surroundings in order to act (or be still) in a wise way. “Beta” refers to the brain wave of waking consciousness, which can dip into anxiety or depression, or propel to excitement and flow. Grounding and intentional relaxation, as well as frequent breaks from focus-demanding activities, are essential to balanced use of the beta wave state.

The moon is present here at the top of the card, perhaps partially occulting the source of the flash of light below, mirrored in the Wolf’s star-shaped compass over the heart. Lunar wisdom is often not the same as the conventional wisdom or common sense of the civilized world, whatever culture you’re in. Lunar wisdom considers what is hidden, what comes from myth and symbolic association, what we observe in the patterns of nature and stars, adding these into the pool of information and resources that the inner self draws upon when faced with questions or challenges. It is two-eyed seeing that goes beyond immediate circumstances and personal agendas to consider long-term outcomes and effects on the soul/spirit level, understanding that the physical and metaphysical are one.

(Deck: White Light Oracle by Alana Fairchild)

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