Today’s card: Akashic Records: Clearing old stories. Releasing past lives. Freedom.

by | Jan 8, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

Repression is the character and purpose of the constructed world we live in right now. The socioeconomic, built world of financial, religious, gubernatorial, educational and scientific systems that seem entirely interwoven with how we move, live and be are intended to be taken as inevitable, permanent and indispensable. They are not. And this is apparent to anyone who exercises their imagination. The faculty of imagination does not conjure “fantasy” but instead grants the capacity to bring that which has been hidden, forgotten or repressed to consciousness.

All of science fiction and fantasy “fiction” rests upon truths that have been deemed, under the current regime on Earth, too dangerous to allow into the regular waking mind of humanity. The danger here, to those who enjoy the fruits of slave labour and siphoned energy, is that human consciousness will be cracked open to influences that render us utterly unwilling to be corralled and controlled. The wonderful thing is that all hidden, forbidden, repressed knowledge is accessible to each of us through our own bodies, which are the expression of a long and storied genetic history that ties us not just to this planet, but to other star systems and galaxies and universes.

These records are everywhere, in our DNA and in libraries and halls of records deep underground, and in non-physical spaces that can be accessed through consciousness and intention. Wanting to know is the first step. What you bring back from your explorations will always be denied or refuted by conventional gatekeepers of knowledge. No matter. The deep truth of the history of humanity is your right to know.

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