Today’s cards: March 2023 Attunement/Atonement

by | Mar 1, 2023 | Clarity Readings, Daily card

In light of the significant astrological events happening this month, I’ll be focused on attuning to changing environments and coming into closer synchrony (at-one-ment) with What Is, both locally and cosmically. Since today is Wednesday, day of Wodin/Hermes/Mercury, my question for the cards is about communication: What messenger signs or signals should I be paying particular attention to this month?

I intended to pull one card each from four decks, but the fourth deck shook out three cards that seem to underscore the first three. Here’s my interpretation:

  1. Messages of the heart: The spark of the creative process, the deep, unstoppable urge to do or make or be something that seems daring or out of place or outrageously strange. Today, Jupiter and Venus are exactly conjunct at 11° of Aries, telling us that “because I want to” is actually a perfectly legitimate reason. The transformation that happens out in the 3D world happens first in our desires.
  2. Messages of the beloved: Wherever people are gathering organically, wherever the collective will is moving—regardless of media spin, government agenda or private corporate interests—that’s where the world is turning. Brotherly love, horizontal organization, deep feeling for the plight of fellow humans. Stepping humbly from the Spiral of Attainment into the Circle of Humanity is the beginning of the end of exploitation.
  3. Messages of transcendence: Invitations to transcend the mundane will arrive this month, but it should not be a flight from reality. Inner discovery and deep transformation are signs, keys that we can bring down, explore, share. “Be here now” is the most difficult mission, whether you’re a hermit in a cave or a busy person in the world.

(Decks: Starcodes Astro Oracle, Mystical Shaman Oracle, Sacred Forest Oracle, Gateway of Light Activation Oracle)

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