Weekly Roundup for May 20-26

by | May 28, 2012 | Blog, Weekly Roundup

Okay, so I’m kinda behind on roundups, so here’s great stuff from the past few weeks:

Mara Wilson Writes Stuff

Remember your favourite childhood movie Matilda? Well, adorable little Mara Wilson is all grown up and super awesome. She no longer acts but writes and blogs wittily and prolifically, and sounds exactly like the kind of girl you’d want to hang out with all the time. Your new best friend blogs at Mara Wilson Writes Stuff!

Handbooks from Conservative Christian Colleges

If you are just bored enough to enjoy getting weirded out for an hour or so, try out my new favourite hobby: reading student handbooks from conservative Christian colleges. Whether you get your jollies chaperoning dates talking about approved subjects while avoiding physical contact or you just like to wear midi-length skirts*, conservative Christian colleges unaccredited discount degree mills are fun for everyone no one.

Bob Jones University
Pensacola Christian College
Liberty University

*Women only. Skirt-wearing men are devious homosexuals and will be expelled and possibly beaten up.

Chewing Chewing Love

J-Pop. Pink. Toast. Anthropomorphized onion. Nonsense lyrics. Amazing little girl backup dancers. This video has it all.

Khan Academy

Want to learn 153,773,789 things? Check out Khan Academy, a non-profit organization that provides high-quality video mini-lectures on a bajillion different subjects. (No, not that Khan.)

L337 |-|4><0r3r

Next time a colleague over 40 asks for your help fixing their computer, full-screen Hackertyper and mash keys while looking really tense.

Hey, I’m Christel

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My readings combine tarot and oracle cards with astrology, numerology and a mix of esoteric material, including channelled and transmitted works.