Make your outside match your inside.



This above all: to thine own self be true.

Chiron in Aries (2018-2027)

Feeling judged or invalidated for being who you are? Afraid of causing conflict just by expressing yourself? Have trouble believing you have a right to exist at all? These are issues that Chiron in Aries has come to heal… as long as you’re willing to dig into your existential depths.

go deep.
get weird.



Compelling design for unique ideas.

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client projects

Zeta Ophiuchi

An “equitable exchange of energy” collaboration with mystic Chrissy Sawyer, based in Nottinghamshire, UK.

This project represents a new kind of collaborative work for me, one that combines spiritual exploration with visual communication of the numinous and esoteric.

client projects

The Killer Bee Relay Team

Brand & website for Philadelphia, PA-based electronic musician Mike Weakley.

Hive Mind Synthesis

Brand & website for boutique custom synth maker Hive Mind Synthesis, based in Philly, PA.

Anne Bérubé: Embodied Spirituality

Brand & website for Nova Scotia-based author and spiritual teacher Anne Bérubé.

Chrissy Hollis: Spirit-First Finances

Brand & website for Chrissy Hollis, a CPA who approaches business finances through a spiritual lens.

Stephanie Cordes, ND

Brand & website for Ontario-based, mental health focused naturopath, Dr. Stephanie Cordes.

Ocean Tracking Network

Brand & website for Nova Scotia-based ocean research organization, Ocean Tracking Network.

Charmaine Renée: Breathwork Coach

Brand & website for Charmaine Renée, an Ontario-based breathwork coach.

Nancy Regan

Brand & website for Nova Scotia-based author and speaker Nancy Regan.

The Way Change Works

Brand & social media templates for The Way Change Works, a podcast by the Association of Change Management Professionals.

SOULO Projects

Brand & website for Nova Scotia-based marketing & strategy company, SOULO Projects.

Marsha Faubert

Brand & website for Ontario-based nonfiction author Marsha Faubert.


Brand & website for SOULOpreneur, an online entrepreneurship course.

Susan MacLeod

Brand & website for Nova Scotia-based cartoonist and author Susan MacLeod.

MAYBE Podcast

Brand & website for Maybe, a podcast about the messy reality of social innovation, hosted by Cheryl Rose.

The Black Market

Digital brand & website for Halifax boutique The Black Market.

Farmers' Markets Nova Scotia

Website for Farmers’ Markets Nova Scotia.